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Puente’s work is made possible by individuals who take action in support of our mission. There are many ways to get involved as part of the Puente family: whether you choose to volunteer your time, donate, or sign on as a partner organization, we thank you for standing beside us. Together, we are using data to pave a better future for communities around the world.


Puente would not exist without the skills and talents of our volunteers. Puente volunteers make a difference in local communities across the Dominican Republic: after a month-long training program, our volunteers survey individuals and households, plan and implement community development projects, lead health trainings, and serve as project partners and thought leaders as we continue to develop our work. Through volunteer efforts, Puente is able to amplify our impact and simultaneously work across different communities to enact change.

At Puente, we view our volunteers as an essential piece of our model; without them, we would not be able to fulfill our mission. In recognition of this belief, volunteers receive a small financial contribution for select Puente responsibilities, including collecting surveys and conducting health education trainings.

At this time, we are recruiting volunteers in communities across the Dominican Republic. Above all, volunteers must possess a commitment to improving local communities. In order to become a Puente volunteer, you must also be above the age of 16, complete our signature community development course, and demonstrate proficiency in coursework and assignments. Finally, we ask that volunteers commit 1-5 hours per week to Puente responsibilities. In exchange, you will have the opportunity to enact real change in your community and join a network of smart, passionate volunteers.


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Puente forms partnerships with forward-thinking non-profits who are ready to leverage data to make a difference. Our partners both use Puente technology in order to maximize their own impact around the world, as well as fund Puente's data-driven projects across the Dominican Republic. Some of our current partners include public health organizations that use Puente software to track a patient’s post-procedural outcomes and coordinate long-term care. Foundations also partner with Puente to invest in data-driven projects that improve health outcomes in Dominican communities. Together with our partners, we use data to make better decisions and collaborate, so that communities worldwide are healthy and safe.

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