Who We Are

Puente is a global nonprofit that uses data collection and analysis technology to tackle some of developmentā€™s biggest challenges.

We create mobile data software to assess, map, and prioritize community need. Trained local residents use our platform to survey their communities, identity needs, and design solutions. Puente also partners with non-profits to maximize our impact: our partners use Puente technology to make data-informed decisions on how to work collaboratively in communities around the world.

At Puente, we believe that international development is most effective when data is used to set priorities and hold stakeholders accountable. And, we know that sustainability requires buy-in and leadership from community residents who are all too often only the target of development efforts. The Puente model is built upon these beliefs.

Our work began in 2018 when two Peace Corps Volunteers in the Dominican Republic set out to solve problems they were encountering first-hand. Co-founders Scott and Hope lived in rural communities, where a lack of data meant that they were left to guess what the biggest issues were for community members. And, they witnessed a disconnect between their host communities and the foreign organizations that visited for short stints in an attempt to help. Puente was born in an attempt to pave a better future for development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect international development organizations and local institutions with under-served communities more efficiently to make development work more collaborative, impactful and sustainable.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where development organizations collaborate smartly and selflessly to maximize their collective impact on the individuals & communities being served.

Our Team


Scott Coppa

Co-Founder & CEO


Hope Tambala

Co-Founder & CTO


Crismary Gutierrez

Co-Founder & Country Director, Dominican Republic


Paul Anthony

Co-Founder & CFO

Matt Albano headshot

Matt Albano

Chief Accounting Officer

Tiven Headshot

Tiven Buggy

Director of Water and Sanitation


Joseph McCombs

Software Engineer

Jon Website foto

Jonatan Spahn

UX Designer

Featured Volunteers

Valentin Brioso

Valentin Brioso

Project Supervisor

Yinetza Alvarez

Yinetza Alvarez

Program Coordinator

Yaniris Infante

Yaniris and Michele

Community Health Workers


Elba Martinez

Project Supervisor

Our Partners

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Annual Report

Puente is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization using proprietary technology to empower marginalized communities and catalyze sustainable development. Last year, we trained 16 new volunteers, built health infrastucture for dozens of families, and partnered with five non-profit organizations to maximize our impact. Explore our impact below.