The Bridge Between Data & Development

Data-Driven Development

Puente believes in the power of data to make the world a better place. Our software gives development organizations and local residents the ability to learn more about communities and make better informed decisions on how to improve them. We have built a robust mobile-first platform for managing community assessments, monitoring, and evaluation with local stakeholders playing an integral role every step of the way. We are using data to make international development more collaborative and efficient, so that together we can have a bigger impact.


better water access


bathrooms installed


dirt floors replaced


filters provided


roofs repaired

Our Model

At Puente, we believe that community development should be led by those with most at stake: the residents. Our model hinges upon a thorough educational program that teaches local residents how to collect and use data to plan and implement community development projects. Graduates of our Community Leader training program become Puente volunteers, armed with free access to our data collection application and non-profit network so that they can put their neighborhoods on the map and find the right partners to enact change.

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Community Development

Puente provides more than just data collection software and education. We use our community assessment data and volunteer network to identify problems and design sustainable solutions that improve life for generations to come. Our team works with partner organizations and local institutions to utilize existing resources and bring in new ones that help bring a project to life.

The Bridge

We chose Puente as our name because in Spanish it means bridge. Through our mobile application Puente-Collect and community leader trainings, we act as a bridge that connects communities, governments, and non-profit organizations. We believe that everyone has the ability to contribute to community development and that is why we center our projects around the voices of community residents. Using data, we align priorities around verified community needs and then design projects that are centered around the involvement of stakeholders.

Our Partners

Successful and sustainable community development requires collaboration from a wide variety of collaborators. Our work is made possible thanks to the generous support of individuals, partner organizations, and foundations. Together, we are making a difference, one individual at a time.

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